Du Mu: Send to Eastern Zhejiang For Judge Han Yi

Send to Eastern Zhejiang For Judge Han Yi

寄 浙 东 韩 义 评 事
一 笑 五 云 溪 上 舟
跳 丸 日 月 十 经 秋。
鬓 衰 酒 减 欲 谁 泥
迹 辱 魂 惭 好 自 尤。
梦 寐 几 回 迷 蛱 蝶
文 章 应 广 畔 牢 愁。
无 穷 尘 土 无 聊 事
不 得 清 言 解 不 休。
Ji Zhe Dong Han Yi Ping Shi

Yi xiao wu yun xi shang zhou
Tiao wan ri yue shi jing qiu.
Bin shuai jiu jian yu shei ni
Ji ru hun can hao zi you.

Meng mei ji hui mi jia die
Wen zhang ying guang pan lao chou.
Wu qigong chen tu wu liao shi
Bu dei qing yan jie bu xiu.


Send to Eastern Zhejiang For Judge Han Yi

On a boat, our laughter among the waters of Wu Yun stream
Days and months pass by, we have survived these past ten autumns.
Our temple hair thin, drink less and less wine, softer bodies
No successes for this time, feel the shame, attempts for the good and natural.

Fascinated by the dream-state reddish-yellow butterflies
I wrote many sad poems like Pan Laochou.
Lived within the limits of dusty world affairs, without dependable things
Could not stop to understand the honest and clear words of sages.



Reddish-yellow butterflies: Refers to the famous dream of Zhuangzi, where he is not sure whether he is a man dreaming he is a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he is a man.

Pan Laochou: Ancient poem from the Han Dynasty that Du Mu found that expressed his sentiments of leaving a bad situation, and I may never see you again.

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