Du Mu: Thinking of Past Travels: No. 2

Thinking of Past Travels:  No. 2

念 昔 游
云 门 寺 外 逢 猛 雨
林 黑 山 高 雨 脚 长。
曾 奉 郊 宫 为 近 侍
Nian Xi You


Yun men si wai feng meng yu
Lin hei shan gao yu jue chang.
Ceng feng jiao gong wei jin shi
Fen ming song song yu lin qiang.


Thinking of Past Travels:  No. 2

Yunmen Temple, sudden downpour outside
Dark forests, loud mountain rainfall everywhere.
Once I esteemed waiting upon the imperial entourage day trips
Firm and upright wooden spears and feathers of palace guards like raindrops.



Yunmen Temple: Zen Buddhist temple in Shaozhou in northern Guangdong Province.

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