Du Mu: Thinking of Past Travels No. 3

Thinking of Past Travels No. 3

念 昔 游
李 白 题 诗 水 西 寺
古 木 回 岩 楼 阁 风。
半 醒 半 醉 游 三 日
红 白 花 开 山 雨 中。
Nian Xi You


Li bai ti shi shui xi si
Gu mu hui yan lou ge feng.
Ban xing ban zui you san ri
Hong bai hua kai shan yu zhong.


Thinking of Past Travels No. 3

Li Bai wrote poems here at the Shuixi Temple
Ancient trees encircle the rocks and cliffs, high towers in the wind.
For several days half drunk, half sober
Red and white blossoms open amid the mountains and rain.



Li Bai : (701-762) Famous poet of the Tang Dynasty.  This website also has many of his poems and biographical information.

Shuixi Temple: Located near Yu Xian, Hebei Province.

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