Li Bai Poem: Farewell to Du Fu at Stone Gate – 李白《鲁郡东石门送杜二甫》












[1] 鲁郡:今山东省曲阜市。

[2] 石门:山名,在鲁郡东北。

[3] 杜二甫:杜甫在同族兄弟中排行第二,因有此称。如白居易称元稹“元九”。

[4] 复:还有。

[5] 池台:池塘楼阁。

[6] 金樽:金属的酒杯。

[7] 泗水:水名,在今山东中部,源出泗水县东蒙山南麓,西流经曲阜、兖州,折南至济宁市东南入运河。

[8] 徂徕:山名,在今山东泰安市东南。

[9] 飞蓬:飘荡无定的蓬草。

Farewell to Du Fu at Stone Gate

Li Bai

Before we part we’ve drunk for many days

And visited all the scenic spots and ways.

When at the Stone Gate shall we meet and drain

Our brimming golden cups of wine again?

The autumn waves of River Si still flow;

The seaside mountains stand in morning glow.

You’ll go away as thistledown will fly.

So let us fill our cups and drink them dry.

This is a farewell song written by the romantic poet to the realistic poet.


The poem “Farewell to Du Fu at Stone Gate” is a poem written by the great poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty when he was bidding farewell to Du Fu in Shandong. The poem begins with “Drunken Farewell” and ends with a toast, echoing the end of the poem in a single breath, full of unrestrained and optimistic feelings, giving people inspiration and hope without a lingering and sad mood. The language of the poem is simple and sincere, straightforward, blending narrative, scenery and lyricism into one, moving people with emotion and touching them with beauty, full of deep friendship and poetry, which is a popular masterpiece.

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