Li Bai Poem: To a Friend Parting for Shu – 李白《送友人入蜀》












[1] 蚕丛:帝喾(kù)之后,始封于蜀的国王。即蜀为古蚕丛国。

[2] 秦栈:秦时入蜀的栈道。

[3] 升沉:指宦海沉浮。

[4] 君平:西汉人严遵,字君平,善于占卜,隐居不仕,曾于成都市上卖卜。

To a Friend Parting for Shu

Li Bai

Rugged is the road, I hear,

Built by the pioneer.

In front steep mountains rise;

Beside my horse cloud flies.

Over plank way trees hang down;

Spring water girds the town.

Decided our rise and fall.

Do not bother at all!

This verse is descriptive as well as lyrical.


The poem “To a Friend Parting for Shu” is a lyrical poem written by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, known for his depiction of the wondrous beauty of the mountains and rivers of Shu. The poem is a realistic and precise portrayal of the rugged and difficult scenery of Shu, but with a different kind of cave, exhorting his friend not to worry too much about his career, but to love life. The poem both advises his friend not to indulge in fame and fortune, and expresses the poet’s deep feeling of political ostracism in Chang’an. The first couplet of the poem is plain, the jaw couplet is dangerous, the neck couplet is soothing, and the last couplet is low. The language is concise and simple, the analysis is penetrating, the writing is open and closed, and the style is fresh and handsome.

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