Li Shangyin Poem: For the Cui Brothers at Luo’s Pavilion – 李商隐《宿骆氏亭寄怀崔雍崔衮》








[1] 骆氏亭:骆氏人家的园亭。

[2] 崔雍崔衮(ɡǔn):李商隐的表叔兼知遇者崔戎的两个儿子崔雍、崔衮。

[3] 竹坞:遍植竹子的凹地。

[4] 水槛:水上的栏杆。

For the Cui Brothers at Luo’s Pavilion

Li Shangyin

In the bamboo grove by the clean poolside I stay;

Separated from you by towns, I miss you far away.

The autumn gloom undispersed and late frost remain;

Only the withered lotus listen to the rain.

Passing one rainy night at Luo’s Pavilion, the poet thought of the Cui brothers far away and wrote this quatrain which describes his gloomy mood rather than autumn gloom.


The poem “For the Cui Brothers at Luo’s Pavilion” is a work by Li Shangyin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem expresses his longing for his friend, and also his own feelings of loneliness. The poem is very simple and concise, using such ordinary scenery as bamboo dock, pavilion threshold, flowing water, and withered lotus to outline a clear and subtle mood, and to implicitly convey the author’s sympathy for Cui Yong and Cui Gon’s sorrow for the loss of their father and the poet’s own feeling of loneliness.

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