Han Yu: Various Persuasions

Various Persuasions

杂 说
世 有 伯 乐
然 后 有 千 里 马
千 里 马 常 有
而 伯 乐 不 常 有。
故 虽 有 名 马
祇 辱 于 奴
隶 人 之 手
骈 死 于 槽 枥 之 间
不 以 千 里 称 也。
Za Shui

Shi you bo le
Ran hou you qian li ma.
Qian li ma chang you
Er bo le bu chang you.

Gu sui you ming ma
Qi ru yu nu
Li ren zhi shou
Pian si yu cao li zhi jian
Bu yi qian li chen ye.



马 之 千 里 者
一 食 或 尽 粟 一 石。
食 马 者 不 知 其
能 千 里 而 食 也;
是 马 也,虽 有 千 里 之 能
食 不 饱,力 不 足
才 美 不 外 见
且 欲 与 常 马
等 不 可 得
安 求 其 能 千 里 也?

Ma zhi qian li zhe
Yi shi huo jin su yi shi.
Shi ma zhe bu zhi qi
Neng qian li er shi ye;

Shi ma ye, sui you qian li zhi neng
Shi bu bao, li bu zu
Cai mei bu wai jian
Qie yu yu chang ma
Deng bu ke de
An qiu qi neng qian li ye?


策 之 不 以 其 道
食 之 不 能 尽 其 材
鸣 之 而 不
能 通 其 意
执 策 而 临 之 曰:
天 下 无 马。
鸣 呼! 其 真 无 马 邪?
其 真 不 知 马 也?

Ce zhi bu yi qi dao
Shi zhi bu neng jin qi cai
Ming zhi er bu
Neng tong qi yi
Zhi ce er lin zhe yue:

Tian xia wu ma.
Ming hu! Qi zhen wu ma xie?
Qi zhen bu zhi ma ye?


Various Persuasions

Society has had Bo Le
After having him, one thousand horses have been rated.
Often have long distance one thousand li horses
Not often do we have the likes of Bo Le.

Although one may have famous horses
When mistreated like slaves, disgrace will fall upon you.
Locked inside their stables, some may die trying to get out
Without knowing quality horses, how can they be properly used.

These high quality one thousand li horses and people
At each meal perhaps should include ten pounds of millet.
Horse trainers and feeders not aware that they require this much fuel
They are not able to determine who are the winged steeds.

Although the one thousand li horses are revered
If not given enough to eat, their legs will not reach maximum strength and power.
The talented and beautiful display signs of health
Do not treat these horses like the common and ordinary ones.

They will not reach their full potential
Do you think these underfed horses can run one thousand li?
Training these horses does not require the whip
Without enough food, they are not able to produce the right material.

Their produced sounds and expression if not understood will come to no good
Stick to the proper training as the palace visitors say.
“Down here on earth, we are without working horses
Alas! We do not have these kind of horses?
The problem is, can anyone judge horse flesh very well?”



Bo Le: Also known as Shun Ningyang (659-625 BC). Famous for being an excellent judge of horse flesh (good vs. bad people).

One thousand li horses: Literally means horses that are healthy and strong enough to run for one thousand li (about three hundred miles). Also known as winged steeds or long distance horses.

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