Meng Jiao Poem: Leave Me Not – 孟郊《古别离》








[1] 临邛(qiónɡ):四川邛崃,相传为西汉司马相如和卓文君相识之地。

Leave Me Not

Meng Jiao

I hold your robe lest you should go.

Where are you, dear, going today?

Your late return brings me less woe

Than your heart being stolen away.

The poet describes a woman afraid that her lover would change mind.


“Leave Me Not” is a five-line poem written by Meng Jiao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem depicts a woman’s farewell to her lover, expressing her love and concern. In the first two lines, the woman asks her lover where he is going when he is about to leave. The last two lines are full of anticipation and helplessness, as they are not worried about your late return, but about the command to go to Linqiong. The whole poem is sincere, simple and natural, and intriguing.

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