Yu Hu Poem: Song of the Southern Shore – 于鹄《江南曲》








[1] 赛江神:旧俗用仪仗、鼓乐、杂戏迎江神,祈求降福,谓之“迎神赛会”,“赛江神”即是其中之一。

[2] 掷金钱:一种占卜方法,以抛掷金钱的向背推断吉凶。

Song of the Southern Shore

Yu Hu

By riverside I pick white duckweed in company;

And watch the divine procession carelessly.

As I dare not show that for my husband I yearn,

I cast a coin aside to know when he’ll return.

This poem describes a woman eager to see the return of her husband.


“Song of the Southern Shore” is a seven-line poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Yu Gong. The first two lines of the poem describe a woman going on an excursion with her companion and watching the ritual of the river gods, which are a kind of prelude and a description of the environment. The second two lines describe the woman’s secret divination. Through describing the woman’s subtle movements and complex state of mind, the poem expresses the mistress’ love for her husband.

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