Li Bai: Climb Gold Hill, Male and Female Phoenix Tower

Climb Gold Hill, Male and Female Phoenix Tower

登 金 陵 凤 凰 台
凤 凰 台 上 凤 凰 游
凤 去 台 空 江 自 流。
吴 宫 花 草 埋 幽 径
晋 代 衣 冠 成 古 丘。
三 山 半 落 青 天 外
一 水 中 分 白 鹭 洲。
总 为 浮 云 能 蔽 日
长 安 不 见 使 人 愁。
Deng Jin Ling Feng Huang Tai

Feng huang tai shang feng huang you
Feng qu tai kong jiang zi liu.
Wu gong hua cao mai you jing
Jin dai yi guan cheng gu qiu.

San shan ban luo qing tian wai
Yi shui zhong fen bai lu zhou.
Zong wei fu yun neng bi ri
Chang an bu jian shi ren chou.


Climb Gold Hill, Male and Female Phoenix Tower

Walk around the Fenghuang Tower like a phoenix couple
The phoenixes depart, tower now empty, but the river flows on.
Wu palace flowers and grasses conceal deep and remote footpaths
Fancy clothes and hats from the eastern Jin Dynasty become old burial mounds.

Three mountains area, blue skies halfway down to the horizon
Changjiang separates around the white egret islet.
Gathered, floating clouds can cover the sun
Inability to see Chang’an brings anxiety to the people.



Fenghuang Tower:

Wu palace: The state of Wu existed during the Western Zhou Dynasty.

Jin Dynasty: (265-420)

Changjiang: Also known as the Yangzi River

Chang’an: Ancient capital city now called Xi’an.

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