Li Bai: Early Morning Baidi City

Early Morning Baidi City

早 发 白 帝 城
朝 辞 白 帝 彩 云 间
千 里 江 陵 一 日 还。
两 岸 猿 声 啼 不 尽
轻 舟 已 过 万 重 山。
Zao Fa Bai Di Cheng

Zhao ci bai di cai yun jian
Qian li jiang ling yi ri huan.                                                                                                    Liang an yuan shen ti bu jin
Qing zhou yi guo wan chong shan.


Early Morning in Baidi City

Take leave of Baidi with dawn colors in between the clouds
In one day, went back hundreds of miles to Jiang Ling.

From both riverbanks ape sounds without an end
Small boats already pass through thousands of deep and layered mountains.



Baidi City:  Also known as the White Emperor city. Near the modern day city of Chongqing, and site of an ancient temple complex on what was once the northern shores of the Changjiang, but nowadays on a large mid-river island.

Jiang Ling: Nowadays a southern Hubei county.

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