Li Bai: Gaze Into the Distance at the Lu Mountain Waterfalls: Two Poems

Gaze Into the Distance at the Lu Mountain Waterfalls: Two Poems

望 庐 山 瀑 布 : 二 首
西 登 相 炉 峰
南 见 瀑 布 水。
挂 流 三 百 丈
喷 壑 数 十 里。
欻 如 飞 电 来
隐 若 白 虹 起。
初 惊 河 汉 落
半 洒 云 天 里。
仰 观 势 转 雄
壮 哉 造 化 功。
海 风 吹 不 断
江 月 照 还 空。
空 中 乱 潨 射
左 右 洗 青 壁。
飞 珠 散 轻 霞
流 沫 沸 穹 石。
而 我 游 名 山
对 之 心 益 闲。
无 论 漱 琼 液
且 得 洗 尘 颜。
且 谐 宿 所 好
永 愿 辞 人 间。


Wang Lu Shan Pu Bu: Er Shou


Xi deng xiang lu feng
Nan jian pu bu shui.
Gua liu san bai zhang
Pen he shu shi li.

Chua ru fei dian lai
Yin ruo bai hong qi.
Chu jing he han luo
Ban sa yun tian li.

Yang guan shi zhuan xiong
Zhuang zai zao hua gong
Hai feng chui bu duan
Jiang yue zhao huan kong.

Kong zhong luan cong she.
Zuo you xi qing bi.
Fei zhu san qing xia .
Liu mo fei qiong shi.

Er wo you ming shan.
Dui zhi xin yi xian.
Wu lun shu qiong ye
Qie dei xian chen yan.
Qie xie su suo hao
Yong yuan ci ren jian.


日 照 香 炉 生 紫 烟
遥 看 瀑 布 挂 长 川。
飞 流 直 下 三 千 尺
疑 是 银 河 落 九 天。

Ri zhao xiang lu sheng zi yan
Yao kan pu shi gua chang chuan.
Fei liu zhi xia san qian chi
Yi shi yin he luo jiu tian.


Gaze Into the Distance at the Lu Mountain Waterfalls: Two Poems


In the west, climb the popular Lu summits
To the south see tall waterfalls.
Flows are suspended three hundred feet
For three miles spray expands from the pool into a canyon.

Water quickly explodes like lightning
Rising rainbows within rainbows.
Amazed, its’ source is the Milky Way coming down to earth
Clouds of mist halfway to Heaven.

Look up again to see the power and concentration of Nature
So strong !
The waterfall is under special circumstances.
And ocean winds blow without stopping
Moonlight on the river illuminates the sky.

Falling water explodes into the midst of a watery turmoil
Washes both sides of the green cliffs.
Flying pearl drops, some softly disperse into the evening mists
Some bubble and foam, drifting over domed boulders.

I travel to the famous mountains
My heart-mind benefits from this idleness and leisure.
Even more, I can drink exquisite water
And wash the dust of the world off my face.
Wish for harmony within this fine place
Forever hope to evade strident human relationships.


Sun illuminates Incense Burner peak, purple mists emerge
Far away see a suspended waterfall and a long river.
Flying water falling straight down for three thousand feet
Hard to believe this silver river descends from the highest heaven.



Lu Mountain: Also known as Xiang Lu Feng, or Incense Burner Peak, is located northwest of Beijing.  Named for its’ two large boulders on the peak, which looks like an incense burner.

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