Li Bai: At the Yellow Crane Tower, Sending Off Meng Haoran, Who Is Going to Guang Ling

At the Yellow Crane Tower

黄 鹤 楼 送 孟 浩 然 之 广 陵
故 人 西 辞 黄 鹤 楼
烟 花 三 月 下 扬 州。
孤 帆 远 影 碧 山 尽
唯 见 长 江 天 际 流。
Huang He Lou Song Meng Hao Ran Zhi Guang Ling

Gu ren xi ci huang he lou
Yan hua san yue xia yang zhou.                                                                                              Gu fan yuan ying bi shan jin
Wei jian chang jiang tian ji liu.


At the Yellow Crane Tower, Sending Off Meng Haoren, Who Is Going To Guang Ling

Old friends going west from the Yellow Crane Tower
Clouds of March blossoms on the way to Yangzhou.

Solitary sail reflected in the distance, disappears into the bluish-green mountains
Only see the Changjiang flow to the end of the sky.



Yellow Crane Tower: Built around 223 AD in the modern city of Wuhan.

Meng Haoran: Famous Tang Dynasty poet and friend of Li Bai. Refer to this site for his poems and biography.

Yangzhou: Located in Jiangsu Province on the northern banks of the Changjiang.  It was a wealthy area next to the once capital city of Nanjing.

Changjiang: Largest river in China. Also known as the Yangtze River.

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