Li Bai: : Listen to Shu Monk Jun Play the Qin

Listen to Shu Monk Jun Play the Qin

听 蜀 僧 濬 弹 琴
蜀 僧 抱 绿 绮
西 下 峨 眉 峰。
为 我 一 挥 手
如 听 万 壑 松。
客 心 洗 流 水
馀 响 入 霜 钟。
不 觉 碧 山 暮
秋 云 暗 几重。


Ting Shu Seng Jun Tan Qin

Shu seng bao lu qi
Xi xia e mei feng
Wei wo yi hui shou
Ru ting wan he song.

Ke xin xi liu shui
Yu xiang ru shuang zhong.
Bu jue bi shan mu
Qiu yun an ji chong.


Listen to Shu Monk Jun Play the Qin

A Shu monk holds a luqi qin
Below western Mt. Emei peaks.
He beckons me with a wave of his hand
His music like hearing thousands of canyon pine trees.

Visitors like me, heart-minds bathed and cleaned by the flowing water
Remaining overtones echo, entering a frosty drum.
Did not notice the bluish-green mountains at sunset
They rise through several layers of autumn clouds up to the highest.


Luqi qin: A famous qin (ancient stringed musical instrument) used by the renowned Western Han poet and musician, Sima Xiangnu to court his love, the beautiful Zhuo Weijun. It was considered one of the best qins of ancient China.

Mt. Emei: One of the sacred mountains of China. Located in the province of Sichuan.

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