Li Bai: Mt. Emei Moon Song

Mt. Emei Moon Song

峨 眉 山 月 歌
峨 眉 山 月 半 轮 秋
影 入 平 羌 江 水 流。
夜 发 清 溪 向 三 峡
思 君 不 见 下 渝 州。
E Mei Shan Yue Ge

E mei shan yue ban lun qiu
Ying ru ping qiang jiang shui liu.                                                                                            Ye fa qing xi xiang san xia
Si jun bu jian xia yu zhou.


Mt. Emei Moon Song

Mt. Emei autumn half moon
Reflected on the flat Qiang River currents.                                                                        Evening produces breezes at Qingxi, moving towards Sanxia
Think of, but do not see you below Yuzhou.



Mt. Emei: Large and sacred mountain in the province of Sichuan. Towering at 10, 167 feet, it is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China.

Qingxi: Literally means “clear mountain stream”

Sanxia: The Three Gorges area of the Changjiang (River).

Yuzhou: Located in the Henan Province, it was the capital of the Han nation state which began around 475 BC.

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