Li Bai: Poem For Yu Zhen: Part-Human, Part-Immortal

Poem For Yu Zhen: Part-Human, Part-Immortal

玉 真 仙 人 词
玉 真 之 真 人
时 往 太 华 峰。
清 晨 鸣 天 鼓
飙 欻 腾 双 龙。
弄 电 不 辍 手
行 云 本 无 踪。
几 时 入 少 室
王 母 应 相 逢。
Yu Zhen Xian Ren Ci

Yu zhen zhi zhen ren
Shi wang tai hua feng.
Qing chen ming tian gu
Biao chua teng shuang long.

Nong dian bu chuo shou
Xing yun ben wu zong.
Ji shi ru shao shi
Wang mu ying xiang feng.


Poem For Yu Zhen: Part-Human, Part-Immortal

Yu Zhen is an accepted Daoist
This season is the time to go to the peaks of Mt. Taihua.
Early morning wake up to sounds summoning heaven
Ascend on strong winds, straddling two dragons.

Play with lightning without a rest
Moving with clouds without leaving a trace.
Spend very little time inside the western rooms
Waiting to meet her, need to regard her as the Queen Mother.



Yu Zhen: The Daoist name for the sister of Emperor Xuanzong.

Mt. Taihua:  Located in Shaanxi Province and noted as the western mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains of China.

Queen Mother:  Goddess of Life and Immortality who lived in the western paradise where the peaches of immortality grew.

Western rooms: Located inside the Daoist temple.

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