Li Bai: Propose a Toast to Official Cui

Propose a Toast to Official Cui

酬 崔 五 郎 中
朔 云 横 高 天
万 里 起 秋 色。
壮 士 心 飞 扬
落 日 空 叹 息。
长 啸 出 原 野
凛 然 寒 风 生。
幸 遭 圣 明 时
功 业 犹 未 成。
奈 何 怀 良 图
郁 悒 独 愁 坐。
杖 策 寻 英 豪
立 谈 乃 知 我。
崔 公 生 人 秀
缅 邈 青 云 姿。
制 作 参 造 化
托 讽 含 神 祇。
海 岳 尚 可 倾
吐 诺 终 不 移。
是 时 霜 飙 寒
逸 兴 临 华 池。
起 舞 拂 长 剑
四 座 皆 扬 眉。
因 得 穷 欢 情
赠 我 以 新 诗。
又 结 汗 漫 期
九 垓 远 相 待。
举 身 憩 蓬 壶
濯 足 弄 沧 海。
从 此 凌 倒 景
一 去 无 时 还。
朝 游 明 光 宫
暮 入 阊 阖 关。
但 得 长 把 袂
何 必 嵩 丘 山?
Chou Cui Wu Lang Zhong

Shuo yun heng gao tian
Wan li qi qiu se.
Zhuang shi xin fei yang
Luo ri kong tan xi.

Chang xiao chu yuan ye
Lin ran han feng sheng.
Xing zao sheng ming shi
Gong ye you wei cheng.

Nai he huai liang tu
Yu yi du chou zuo.
Zhang ce xun ying hao
Li tan nai zhi wo.

Cui gong sheng ren xiu
Mian miao qing yun zi.
Zhi zuo can zao hua
Tuo feng han shen qi.

Hai yue shang ke qing
Tu nuo zhong bu yi.
Shi shi shuang biao han
Yi xing lin hua chi.

Qi wu fu chang jian
Si zuo jie yang mei.
Yin dei qiong huan qing
Zeng wo yi xin shi.

You jie han man qi
Jiu gai yuan xiang dai.
Ju shen qi peng hu
Zhuo zu nong cang hai.

Cong ci ling dao jing
Yi qu wu shi huan.
Zhao you ming guang gong
Mu ru chang he guan.
Dan dei chang ba mei
He bi song qiu shan?


Propose a Toast to Official Cui

Northern clouds move across the tall sky
For thousands of miles autumn colors arise.
Warriors and scholars have mind-hearts fly upward
Heave a sigh for an empty day at sunset.

Return from the open country with long cries
Winds emerge to chill and instill fear.
My good fortune to be alive during an enlightened reign
But yet to find gainful employment.

However, have made a good set of plans
Pent-up worry as I anxiously sit alone.
Riding horses with others as if we are bold and powerful heroes
After sharing conversations they begin to know me.

Mr. Cui has been born with elegance and wit
So high in talents, appears with the green clouds.
As a gift he can create masterpieces
That even satirizes the spirits of the earth.

He is able to overwhelm oceans and tall mountains
I agreed and promised to not change my mind about joining him someday.
But this time the palace with frost and cold
In quiet leisure stay around your garden ponds.

We begin to dance with long swords
Blend our movements that raises the guest’s eyebrows.
In spite of need and poverty, we have happy feelings
You sent as a gift to me your new poems.

We agree to spend our energies studying in seclusion
In areas needing travel and exploration.
On bodies can rest upon the columns in paradise
After washing feet and playing in the deep blue oceans.

From up high take in the scenery
We go back from where and when we came.
At dawn travel to view the imperial palace
By sunset close the heavenly gates behind us.
Still need to hold each other’s long sleeves
Why would we have to hide within the hills and mountains?

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