Li Bai: Sent Far Away: Twelve Poems: No. 11

Sent Faraway: Twelve Poems: No. 11

寄 远: 十 二 首
美 人 在 时 花 满 堂
美 人 去 后 馀 空 床。
床 中 绣 被 卷 不 寝
至 今 三 载 闻 馀 香。
香 亦 竟 不 灭
人 亦 竟 不 来
相 思 黄 叶 尽
白 露 湿 青 苔。
Ji Yuan: Shi Er Shou


Mei ren zai shi hua man tang
Mei ren qu hou yu kong chuang.
Chuang zhong xiu bei juan bu qin
Zhi jin san zai wen yu xiang.

Xiang yi jing bu mie
Ren yi jing bu lai
Xiang si huang ye jin
Bai lu shi qing tai.


Sent Far Away: Twelve Poems


When my sweet heart is here, the whole house filled with blooming flowers
After she departs, left with an empty bed.
His part of the bed, embroidered quilt still rolled up
Even after three years some of his fragrance remains.

Some have gone out, he needs to finally come back
Think of each other like yellow leaves
White frost moist on the green moss.

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