Li Bai: Shaqiu City Wall, Missing Du Fu

Shaqiu City Wall, Missing Du Fu

沙 丘 城 下 寄 杜 甫
我 来 竟 何 事?
高 卧 沙 丘 城。
城 边 有 古 树
日 夕 连 秋 声。
鲁 酒 不 可 醉
齐 歌 空 复 情。
思 君 若 汶 水
浩 荡 寄 南 征。


Sha Qiu Cheng Xia Ji Du Fu

Wo lai jing he shi?
Gao wo sha qiu cheng.
Cheng bian you gu shu
Ri xi lian qiu sheng.

Lu jiu bu ke zui
Qi ge kong fu qing.
Si jun ruo wen shui
Hao dang ji nan zheng.


Shaqiu City Wall, Missing Du Fu

I arrive here, what am I doing?
In rural seclusion at Shaqiu.
Outside the city wall there are many old trees
Sunset includes the sounds of autumn.

Cannot get drunk on the Shandong wine
Qi songs empty of feeling and emotion
My thoughts of you follow the river water
Vast and mighty as it makes the long, southern journey.



Shaqiu city: Located near the present-day city of Fuzhou in Fujian Province.

Qi songs: Ancient nation state from 1046 BC-221 BC.

Du Fu: Famous Tang Dynasty poet.  You can also see this website for his poems and biography.


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