Li Qingzhao: Chirping Crickets Among the Grasses

Chirping Crickets Among the Grasses

行 香 子
草 际 鸣 蛩
惊 落 悟 桐
正 人 间,天 上 愁 浓。
云 阶 月 地
关 锁 千 重。
纵 浮 槎 来
浮 槎 去,不 相 逢。
星 桥 鹊 驾
经 年 才 见
想 离 情,别 恨 难 穷。
牵 牛 织 女
莫 是 离 中。
甚 霎 儿 晴
霎 儿 雨,霎 儿 风。


Xing Xiang Zi

Cao ji ming qiong
Jing luo wu tong
Zheng ren jian, tian shang chou nong.

Yun jie yue di
Guan suo qian chong.
Zong fu cha lai
Fu cha qu, bu xiang feng.

Xing qiao que jia
Jing nian cai jian
Xiang li qing, bie hen nan qiong.

Qian niu zhi nu
Mo shi liu zhong.
Shen sha er qing
Sha er yu, sha er feng.


Chirping Crickets Among the Grasses
(Travel Fragrances)

Chirping crickets among the grasses
Startle the Chinese parasol and paulownia trees to drop their leaves
Immortals and people of the earth separated, from above many worries
and cares.

Clouds dissipate to reveal stairs between moon and earth
But a thousand locked layers impede our passage.
Floating raft arrives and goes back again
But we missed a connection.

Magpies come together to make a bridge of stars
Cannot see each other again for another year
Remain thinking of your emotions.

Difficult to use up our hates and regrets of departure
Oxherd and Weaver Girl.
They are not the only ones with these concerns.
Suddenly it is sunny and clear
Suddenly the wind blows.



Parasol trees:  A deciduous tree native to Asia. Known for its fragrances that vary with the weather and time of day.

Paulownia trees: A deciduous tree native to much of China.

Oxherd (Cowherd) and Weaver Girl: Legendary story of two star lovers separated across the ends of the Milky Way, except on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. They reunite on this day by walking across a bridge made by magpies. Similar to Valentines Day.

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