Li Qingzhao: Exquisite Buds Break Open

Exquisite Buds Break Open: (Jade Tower Spring)

玉 楼 春
红 酥 肯 放 琼 苞 碎
探 著 南 枝 开 遍 未?
不 知 酝 藉 几 多 香
但 见 包 藏 无 限 意。
道 人 樵 悴 春 窗 底
闷 损 阑 干 愁 不 倚。
要 来 小 酌 便 来 休
未 必 明 朝 风 不 起。
Yu Lou Chun

Hong su ken fang qiong bao sui
Tan zhu nan zhi kai bian wei?
Bu zhi yun ji duo xiang
Dan jian bao cang wu xian yi.

Dao ren qiao cui chun chuang di
Men sun lan gan chou bu yi.
Yao lai xiao zhuo bian lai xiu
Wei bi ming zhao feng bu qi.


Exquisite Buds Break Open: (Jade Tower Spring)

Exquisite buds break open, let go of mild red colors
Explore the displays, south-facing branches all open like this?
Do not know how many petals lie within
Yet see without limits their concealed desires.

Here I am at the springtime window weak and emaciated
Subdued and lost, sadly cannot lean against the railing
Call for a bit of wine, but changed my mind
Perhaps the dawn wind will not arise to destroy the blossoms.

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