Li Qingzhao: Hometown in the Capital: (Resent Imperial Descendants)

Hometown in the Capital: (Resent Imperial Descendants)

怨 王 孙
帝 里 春 晚
重 门 深 院
草 绿 阶 前。
暮 天 雁 断
楼 上 远 信 谁 传?
恨 绵 绵。
多 情 自 是 多 沾 若
难 拚 舍。
又 是 寒 食 也。
秋 千 巷 陌
人 静 皎 月 初 斜
浸 梨 花。
Yuan Wang Sun

Di li chun wan
Chong men shen yuan
Cao lu jie qian.

Mu tian yan duan
Lou shang yuan xin shei chuan?
Hen mian mian.

Duo qing zi shi duo zhan re
Nan pan she.
You shi han shi ye.

Qiu qian xiang mo
Ren jing jiao yue chu xie
Jin li hua.


Hometown in the Capital: (Resent Imperial Descendants)

Hometown now in the capital, spring evening
Behind several doors, deep inner courtyard
Green grasses in front of the steps.

Sunset sky, wild geese pass by in sections
Up on the building looking far away, who can carry a letter to him?
Resentments continuous and uninterrupted.

We have many emotions, many sensitive touches difficult
to abandon and defy
Furthermore, it is also Cold Food Days.

Narrow streets, footpaths between the fields, the swing remains still
Clear and bright moon slanting to soak the pear blossoms.



[Li Qingzhao’s husband had left her to take a government position in another region.]

Cold Food Days:  A day in early April connected to Qing Ming (Tomb-Sweeping Day) where the veneration of ancestors is practiced. A day when no fires are lit to cook food, and for visiting nearby temples and gravesites.

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