Li Qingzhao: Front Courtyard Windows Open

Front Courtyard Windows Open

临 江 仙
庭 院 深 深 深 几 许?
云 窗 雾 阁 春 迟
为 谁 憔 悴 损 芳 姿?
夜 来 清 梦 好
应 是 发 南 枝。
玉 瘦 檀 轻 无 限 恨
南 楼 羌 管 休 吹。
浓 香 吹 尽 有 谁 知?
暖 风 迟 日 也
别 到 杏 花 肥。
Lian Jiang Xian

Ting yuan shen shen shen ji xu?
Yun chuang wu ge chun chi.
Wei shei qiao cui sun fang zi?
Ye lai qing meng hao
Ying shi fa nan zhi.

Yu shou tan qing wu xian hen
Nan lou qiang guan xiu chui.
Nong xiang chui jin you shei zhi?
Nuan feng chi ri ye
Bie dao xing hua fei.


Front Courtyard Windows Open
(Facing the River Immortals)

Near the very deeply hidden front courtyard, how deep?
Clouds and mist, late spring through the pavilion windows
Who is made ill and emaciated with no future purpose?
Evening arrives along with clear and fine dreams
Answered by southern branch productions.

Jade green wingceltis still thin, anger without limits.
Southern pagodas, Qiang wind instruments have silenced my kind of music
Who knows where the thick blossom aromas have blown to?
Warm breezes and the sun so late
Yet the apricot blossoms have already come and gone.



Wingceltis: Also known as blue sandalwood. A tree native to China, used for timber, paper and musical instruments.

Qiang wind instruments: The Qiang are small ethnic groups from the forests and mountains of western Sichuan Province.

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