Li Qingzhao: Atop a Tall Multistory Pavilion

Atop a Tall Multistory Pavilion

忆 秦 娥
临 高 阁
乱 山 平 野 烟 光 薄。
烟 光 薄
酒 鸦 归 后
暮 天 闻 角。
断 香 残 酒 情 怀 恶
西 风 催 衬 梧 桐 落。
梧 桐 落
又 还 秋 色
又 还 寂 寞。
Yi Qin E

Lin gao ge
Luan shan ping ye yan guang bao.
Yan guan bao
Jiu ya gui hou
Mu tian wen jiao.

Duan xiang can jiu qing huai wu
Xi feng cui chen wu tong luo.
Wu tong luo
You huan qiu se
You huan ji mo.


Atop a Tall Multistory Pavilion
(Recall Pretty and Young Qin Ladies)

Atop a tall multistory pavilion
Rocky mountains, level open country arid and barren
Dry landscape, as sunset crows return home.
No more bird sounds from the skies, except army bugles
Cut the incense, remaining wine stirs feelings of hate.

West wind hastens the falling leaves of the parasol and paulownia trees.
Parasol and paulownia leaves fall, making me think of autumn colors
They also make me aware of my quiet loneliness inside a house
without books or décor.



Paulownia trees: A deciduous tree native to much of China.

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