Li Qingzhao: Hidden and Softly Yellow Flowers: (Partridge Sky)

Hidden and Softly Yellow Flowers: (Partridge Sky)

鹧 鸪 天
暗 淡 轻 黄 体 性 柔
情 疏 迹 远 只 香 留。
何 须 浅 碧 深 红 色
自 是 花 中 第 一 流。
梅 定 妒,菊 应 羞
画 阑 开 处 冠 中 秋。
骚 人 可 煞 无 情 思
何 事 当 年 不 见 秋?
Zhe Gu Tian

An dan qing huang ti xing rou
Qing shu ji yuan zhi xiang liu.
He xu qian bi shen hong se
Zi shi hua zhong di yi liu.

Mei ding du, ju ying xiu
Hua lan kai chu guan zhong qiu.
Sao ren ke sha wu qing si
He shi dang nian bu jian qiu?


Hidden and Softly Yellow Flowers: (Partridge Sky)

Hidden, softly yellow flowers
Emotions toward them remote, waiting for a single remaining fragrance.
Do not need the colors of greenish-blue or deep reds of the others
These flowers on the first level, content with themselves.

Plum blossoms certainly envious, and chrysanthemums a little shy
In mid-autumn, the only one in the garden that lives above the crowd.
The great Qu Yuan with so many poems, without an emotional
response to them
Why didn’t you take the time to see, and then write about them?



Qu Yuan:  (340-278 BC) Poet and politician noted for writing the masterpiece Li Sao and other songs of Chu. Was a model and metaphor for the literati and officials who were denied recognition during their lives. His suicide from political and patriotic despair in the Miluo River was the origin for today’s Dragon Boat Festival.

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