Li Qingzhao: Layers of Make-up

Layers of Make-Up

浣 溪 沙
绣 面 芙 蓉 一 笑 开
斜 飞 宝 鸭 衬 香 腮。
眼 波 才 动 被 人 猜
一 面 风 情 深 有 韵。
半 笺 娇 恨 寄 幽 杯。
月 移 花 影 约 重 来。
Huan Xi Sha

Xiu mian fu rong yi xiao kai
Xie fei bao ya chen xiang sai.

Yan bo cai dong bei ren cai.
Yi mian feng qing shen you yun

Ban jian jiao hen ji you bei.
Yue yi hua yin yao chong lai.


Layers of Make-up Like a Lotus Flower:
(Wash Small Stream Sand)

Layers of make-up like a lotus flower, one smile begins
Hairpins slanting away from fragrant cheeks.

Inside very happy, people can guess her feelings from her eyes
Fresh and clear emotions, still hear deep and sweet sounds.

Struggling to write only half a letter depends upon a hidden heart
With another moon, we again arrive at the place of blossoms and shadows.

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