Li Qingzhao: Weakening and Vast Spring Scenery

Weakening and Vast Spring Scenery

浣 溪 沙
淡 荡 春 光 寒 食 天
玉 炉 浣 水 袅 残 烟。
梦 回 山 枕 隐 花 钿
海 燕 未 来 人 斗 草。
江 梅 已 过 柳 生 绵。
黄 昏 疏 雨 湿 秋 千。
Huan Xi Sha

Dan dang chun guang han shi tian
Yu lu huan shui niao can yan.

Meng hui shan zhen yin hua dian
Hai yan wei lai ren dou cao

Jiang mei yi guo liu sheng mian.
Huang hun shu yu shi qiu qian.


Weakening and Vast Spring Scenery:
(Wash Small Stream Sand)

Weakening and vast spring scenery during Cold Food Days
Jade incense burner, delicate water-soaked wood into smoke swirls and remnants.

Dreams return from my mountain-shaped pillow, my head in hidden blossoms and flower-patterned gold foil hairpins.
Ocean swallows yet to arrive, young girls play on the grasses.

River plum flowers already gone, willows with emerging fluffs
Yellow dusk, scattered rain on wet swings.



Cold Food Days: Unofficial holiday commemorating the death of Jie Zhitui, a legendary Zhou Dynasty nobleman from the seventh century BC.  It is  associated with tomb-sweeping observances for one day around the Qing Ming.

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