Li Qingzhao: Rattan Bed

Rattan Bed

孤 雁 儿
藤 床 纸 帐 朝 眠 起
说 不 尽,无 佳 思。
沉 香 断 续 玉 炉 寒
伴 我 情 杯 如 水。
笛 里 三 弄, 梅 心 惊 破
多 少 春 情 意?
小 风 疏 雨 萧 萧 地
又 催 下,千 行 泪。
吹 箫 人 去 玉 楼 空
肠 断 与 谁 同 倚?
一 枝 折 得,人 间 天 上
没 个 人 堪 寄。
Gu Yan Er

Teng chuang zhi zhang zhao mian qi
Shui bu jin, wu jia si.
Chen xiang duan xu yu lu han
Ban wo qing bei ru shui.

Di li san nong, mei xin jing po
Duo shao chun qing yi?
Xiao feng shu yu xiao xiao di
You cui xia, qian xing/hang lei

Chui xiao ren qu yu lou kong
Chang duan yu shei tong yi?
Yi zhi she de, ren jian tian shang
Mei ge ren kan ji.

Rattan Bed
(Solitary Gosling)

Rattan bed, windows now papered, at dawn arise from sleep
Few people have stirred, I am without good remembrances.
Incense fragrance gone, the jade burner now cold
Heartfelt feelings for old friends flow like water.

Bamboo flute melodies, plum blossoms startle and break my heart-mind
How many more springtimes with their emotions do I have left?
Light breeze, scattered rain, wind rustling over the earth
Like falling petals, thousand teardrops one after the other.

My flute-playing husband gone, jade tower now empty
With a broken heart, who can I lean on?
A broken branch cannot be given to those up above
Not one person down here below to trust.

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