Li Qingzhao: Small Pavilion

Small Pavilion

小 阁 藏 春
闲 窗 锁 昼
画 堂 无 限 深 幽。
篆 香 烧 尽
日 影 不 帘 钩。
手 种 江 梅 更 好
又 何 必, 临 水 登 楼?
无 人 到,寂 寥 浑 似
何 逊 在 扬 州。
从 来 知 韵 胜
难 堪 雨 藉
不 耐 风 揉。
更 谁 家 横 笛
吹 动 浓 愁?
莫 恨 香 消 雪 减
须 信 道,扫 迹 情 留。
难 言 处,良 宵 淡 月
疏 影 尚 风 流。


Man Ting Fang

Xiao ge cang chun
Xian chuang suo zhou
Hua tang wu xian shen you.

Zhuan xiang shao jin
Ri ying xia lian gou.
Shou zhong jiang mei geng hao
You he bi, lin shui deng lou?

Wu ren dao, ji liao hun si
He xun zai yang zhou.
Cong lai zhi yun sheng
Nan kan yu ji
Bu nai feng rou.

Geng shei jia heng di
Chui dong nong chou?
Mo hen xiang xiao xue jian
Xu xin dao, sao ji qing liu.
Nan yan chu, liang xiao dan yue
Shu ying shang feng liu.


Small Pavilion
(Front Courtyard Full of Fragrances)

Small pavilion, some of spring concealed within
Idleness, windows closed tight against the daylight
Painting studio deep and remote without limits.

Specially engraved incense has gone out
Sunlight and shade below the curtain hooks
A piece of riverside plum blossom in my hand is very fine
Do I have to climb the pagoda to overlook the river?

Without people arriving, solitude like a large and deserted land
Feel like He Xun who remained in Yangzhou.
Follow and know the different levels of flowers
Difficult for them to endure the pounding rain
Cannot withstand the rubbings of the wind.

From whose house does the bamboo flute plays, to bring on these
heavy anxieties?
No one hates the disappearing fragrances as the snow diminishes
Should trust the Dao, footprints will be swept away
But the emotions remain.
Difficult words begin, a good night with a crescent moon
Still possess these thin shadows as the wind flows.



Yangzhou: A city that straddles the Grand Canal in Jiangsu Province.

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