Li Qingzhao: Spring Laziness: (Wash Small Creek Sand)

Spring Laziness: (Wash Small Creek Sand)

浣 溪 沙
髻 子 伤 春 懒 更 梳
晚 风 庭 院 落 梅 初。
淡 云 来 往 月 疏 疏
玉 鸭 熏 炉 闲 瑞 脑。
朱 樱 斗 帐 掩 流 苏
通 犀 还 解 辟 寒 无?
Huan Xi Sha

Ji zi shang chun lan geng shu
Wan feng ting yuan luo mei chu.

Dan yun lai wang yue shu shu
Yu ya xun lu xian rui nao.

Zhu ying dou zhang yan liu su
Tong xi huan jie pi han wu?


Spring Laziness: (Wash Small Creek Sand)

Spring laziness, do not change the comb in my wound-up hair bun
Evening wind, front courtyard with plum blossoms beginning to fall.

Thin clouds arrive towards the moon, so goes another day
Leisure, expensive and foreign incense burns from my jade-duck burner.

Bright red bedposts, flowing curtains with tassled borders
Open rhino horn dispels the room’s chill.

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