Li Qingzhao: Wu River

Wu River

乌 江
生 当 作 人 杰
死 亦 为 鬼 雄。
至 今 思 项 羽
不 肯 过 江 东。
Wu Jiang

Sheng dang zuo ren jie
Si yi wei gui xiong.                                                                                                                        Zhi jin si xiang yu
Bu ken guo jiang dong.


Wu River

During his life he was equal to the most virtuous and able
In death also, his spirit remains very powerful.

Today I am thinking of Xiang Yu
He made the decision to never cross the eastern river to go back home.



Xiang Yu:  Prominent warlord from the late Qin Dynasty. Famous for first conquering the Qin, but then lost a big battle to the surging Han. Committed suicide on the banks of the Wu River.

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