Li Yu: Cloud-Like Temple Hair: (Playing a Game of Pounding the White Silk)

Cloud-like Temple Hair Disordered: (Playing a Game of Pounding White Silk)

云 鬓 乱:捣 练 子 令
云 鬓 乱,晚 妆 残
带 恨 眉 儿 远 岫 攒。
斜 托 香 腮 春 笋 嫩
为 谁 和 倚 阑 干。


Dao Lian Zi Ling

Yun bin luan, wan zhuang can
Dai hen mei er yuan xiu zan.                                                                                                 Xie tuo xiang sai chun sun nen
Wei shei he lei yi lan gan.

Cloud-like Temple Hair Disordered (Playing a Game of Pounding White Silk)

Cloud-like temple hair disordered, evening make-up disheveled
Eyebrows pushed together, circle of connected sorrows and regrets.

Fragrant cheeks leaning against her hand like tender springtime bamboo shoots
Wonder who is making her gentle tears flow over the balcony.

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