Li Yu: Elegy For You

Elegy For You

悼 诗
永 念 难 消 释
孤 怀 痛 自 嗟。
雨 深 秋 寂 寞
愁 引 病 增 加。
咽 绝 风 前 思
昏 朦 眼 上 花。
空 王 应 念 我
穷 子 正 迷 家。
Dao Shi

Yong nian nan xiao shi
Gu huai tong zi jie.
Yu shen qiu ji mo
Chou yin bing zeng jia.

Yan jue feng qian si
Hun meng yan shang hua.
Kong wang ying nian wo
Qiong zi zheng mi jia.


Elegy For You

Forever think of the difficulties of releasing memories of you
Solitary heartaches, natural to lament.
Deep autumn rain, lonely sunset
Melancholy sickness increases and extends to his mother.

Thinking of him when alive, throat swollen almost shut
Looking at the flowers, eyes dark and hazy.
Please Buddha give your compassion to me
Being lost and confused, rescue this follower of your way.



This poem written following the accidental and untimely death of Li Yu’s four year old son.

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