Li Yu: End of Spring: (See Each Other Happy)

End of Spring: (See Each Other Happy)

了 春: 相 见 欢
林 花 谢 了 春 红
太 匆 匆。 无 奈 朝
来 寒 雨 晚 来 风。
胭 脂 泪 相 留 醉
几 时 重? 自 是 人
生 长 恨 水 长 东!
Liao Chun: (Xiang Jian Huan)

Lin hua xie liao chun hong
Tai cong cong. Wu nai zhao
Lai han yu wan lai feng.

Yan zhi lei xiang liu zui
Ji shi chong? Zi shi ren
Sheng chang hen shui chang dong!


End of Spring: (See Each Other Happy)

End of spring, red forest flowers withered in extreme haste.
Cannot control the arrival of dawn’s cold and rain, or the evening arrival of wind.
Flowers and I drunk, plus red make-up ladies crying for each other
How many seasons till we come together again?
Naturally we have long emerging regrets, like rivers going to the east.

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