Li Yu: Evening Make-Up: (Jade Tower Spring)

Evening Make-Up: (Jade Tower Spring)

晚 妆: 玉 楼 春
晚 妆 初 了 明 肌 雪
春 殿 嫔 娥 鱼 贵 列。
凤 箫 吹 断 水 云 间
重 按 “ 霓 裳 ”歌 遍 彻。
临 风 谁 更 飘 香 屑
醉 拍 阑 干 情 味 切。
归 时 休 放 烛 花 红
得 踏 马 蹄 清 夜 月。
Wan Zhuang: (Yu Lou Chun)

Wan zhuang chu liao ming ji xue
Chun dian pin e yu gui lie.
Feng xiao chui duan shui yun jian
Chong an “Ni Chang” ge bian che.

Lin feng shei geng piao xiang xie
Zui pai lan gan qing wei qie.
Gui shi xiu fang zhu hua hong
De at ma ti qing ye yue.


Evening Make-Up: (Jade Tower Spring)

Evening make-up, top to bottom clear skin like snow
Spring palace, concubines and maidens all of noble rank.
Phoenix flutes intone communications between rivers and clouds
Li Yu revived the once lost “Rainbow Skirt Song” of Tang Xuanzong times.

Dancing ladies repeat performances again and again to floating fragrances
Drunk elite tap and move to the music with high emotions.
Time to go to bed, no candlelight wanted, just enjoy all the red flowers
No carriage, want to walk my horse under the clear evening moon.



Rainbow Skirt Song:  Dance and music famously performed often for Tang emperor Xuanzong and his court. He had up to 30,000 musicians and dancers to draw from. Xuanzong himself reportedly wrote the music for this slow and gentle performance that featured string and woodwind instruments, a humming chorus, and elaborate costumes.

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