Li Yu: Long Leisurely Evening Stroll: (Butterflies Love Flowers)

Long Leisurely Evening Stroll: (Butterflies Love Flowers)

夜 闲 信 步:  蝶 恋 花
遥 夜 亭 皋 闲 信 步
乍 过 清 明
早 觉 伤 春 暮。
数 点 雨 声 风 约 住
朦 胧 澹 月 云 来 去。
桃 李 依 依 春 暗 度
谁 在 秋 千
笑 里 低 低 语。
一 片 芳 心 干 万 绪
人 间 没 个 安 排 处。
Die Lian Hua

Yao ye ting gao xian xin bu
Zha guo qing ming
Zao jue shang chun mu.
Shu dian yu sheng feng yue zhu
Meng long dan yue yun lai qu.

Tao li yi yi chun an du
Shei zai qiu qian
Xiao li di di yu.
Yi pian fang xin qian wan xu
Ren jian mei ge an pai chu.


Long Leisurely Evening Stroll: (Butterflies Love Flowers)

Long evening, stroll leisurely along the riverbank pavilions
Yesterday was Qing Ming days.
Early on became aware of the sadness of late spring
Several drops of rain and wind sounds just where I am.

Obscure and misty, followed by tranquil clouds and a clear moon
Peach and plum trees swaying in the wind from secret spring spaces.
Who while on a swing has inside smiles and soft whispers
One piece from her sweet heart-mind causes thousands of emotions
Separated people cannot manage to make mutual arrangements.



Qing Ming days:  Also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, it is celebrated on the fifteenth day after the Spring Equinox. Tradition dictates cleaning the gravesites of one’s ancestors, burning incense and paper money, and other ritual offerings, such as fruit.

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