Li Yu: Dawn Moonset: (Oriole Joys in Motion)

Dawn Moonset: (Oriole Joys in Motion)

晓 月: 喜 迁 莺
晓 月 坠,宿 云 微
无 语 枕 频 欹。
梦 回 芳 草 思 依 依
天 远 雁 声 稀。
啼 莺 散,余 花 乱
寂 寞 画 堂 深 院。
片 红 休 扫 尽 从 伊
留 待 舞 人 归。
Xiao Yue: (Xi Qian Ying)

Xiao yue zhui, su yun wei
Wu yu zhen pin qi.
Meng hui fang cao si yi yi
Tian yuan yan sheng xi.

Ti ying san, yu hua luan
Ji mo hua tang shen yuan.
Pian hong xiu sao jin cong yi
Liu dai wu ren gui.


Dawn Moonset: (Oriole Joys in Motion)

Dawn moonset, overnight the clouds have weakened
Without words, frequently lean against the pillows.
Dreams return, think of fragrant grasses that are frail and gentle
Sky far away, wild geese sounds sparse.

Dispersed orioles yak, remaining flowers among the chaos
Quiet and lonely, painted halls and a deep courtyard.
Do not sweep away the red petals, they remind me of her
Ask the dancers and entertainers to return and stay.

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