Li Yu: Trimmed Hairbuns Like Clouds: (Southern Songs)

Trimmed Hairbuns Like Clouds: (Southern Songs)

云 鬓 裁: 南 歌 子
云 鬓 裁 新 绿
霞 衣 曳 晓 红。
待 歌 凝 立 翠 筵 中
一 朵 彩 云 何 事 下 巫 峰。
趁 拍 鸾 飞 镜
回 身 燕 扬 空。
莫 翻 红 袖 过 帘 栊
Yun Bin Cai: (Nan Ge Zi)

Yun bin cai xin lu
Xia yi ye xiao hong.
Dai ge ning li cui yan zhong
Yi duo cai yun he shi xia wu feng.

Chen pai luan fei jing
Hui shen yan yang kong.
Mo fan hong xiu guo lian long
Pa bei yang hua gou yin jia dong feng.


Trimmed Hairbun Like Clouds: (Southern Songs)

Trimmed hairbuns like clouds and the green sprouts
Red clothes like the rosy clouds of dawn.
Awaiting to make entertainment songs
She takes her position in the middle of the emerald-green bamboo floor mat.

One fairy comes down like one white cloud from the summit peaks.
Taking advantage of the pounding rhythms, legendary phoenix looking in the mirror
Returning swallows coming back to life.
With your red sleeves, do not touch passers-by beyond curtained windows.
Afraid the poplar tree blossoms will attract and entice you to marry the east wind.

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