Li Yu: Wear Daybreak Make-Up: (One Decaliter of Pearls)

Wear Daybreak Make-Up: (One Decaliter of Pearls)

晓 妆 初 过:  一 斛 珠
晓 妆 初 过
沉 檀 轻 注 些 儿 个。
向 人 微 露 丁 香 颗。
一 曲 清 歌
暂 引 樱 桃 破。
罗 袖 (挹抹) 残 殷 色 可
杯 深 渐 被 香 醪 涴。
绣 床 斜 凭 娇 无 那。
烂 爝 红 茸
笑 向 檀 郎 吐。
Yi Hu Zhu

Xiao zhuang chu guo
Chen tan qing zhu xie er ge.
Xiang ren wei lu ding xiang ke.
Yi qu qing ge
Zan yin ying tao po.

Luo xiu yi (yi ma) can yan se ke
Bei shen jian xiang lao wo
Xiu chuang xie ping jiao wu na.
Lan jue hong rong
Xiao xiang tan lang ye.


Wear Daybreak Make-Up: (One Decaliter of Pearls)

Applied daybreak make-up completed
Wingceltis-made lipstick lightly added.
Fleeting show of her lilac-colored teeth.
She sings one clear melody
Briefly breaks and stretches her cherry and peach lips.

Gathers her sleeves, wiped mouth remnants make flowered patterns
Deep cup emptied, still more fragrant mellow wine
Back to her embroidered bed, slowly lays down.
Messy wine vessel, soft red fruit ripe
Laughing she spits out a piece to him.



Wingceltis:  Trees native to China that can grow up to sixty feet. They produce fine timber, bark for Xuan paper, and seeds for oil.

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