Li Yu: Written On Back of Her Pipa

Written On the Back of Her Pipa

书 琵 琶 背
多 自 肩 如 削
难 胜 数 缕 绦。
天 香 留 凤 尾
余 暖 在 檀 槽。
Shu Pi Pa Bei

Shen zi jian ru xiao
Nan sheng shu lu tao.
Tian xiang liu feng wei
Yu nuan zai tan cao.


Written On the Back of Her Pipa

Her style of holding the pipa naturally fits well to her body
Difficult to count the number of threads in her silk ribbon belt.
Her heavenly fragrance remains on the phoenix tail
Her warmth embedded into the wingceltis wood.



Li Yu’s wife received a custom-made pipa, given to her by his brother.

Pipa: Six-stringed Chinese musical instrument. Played like a lute.

Phoenix tail: Referring to the neck of the pipa, like the neck of a guitar.

Winceltis wood:  Referring to the the bridge of the pipa, like the bridge of a guitar.

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