Lu Yu: Eighth Lunar Month, Twentieth Day, Review the Troops in Jiazhou

Eighth Lunar Month, Twenty-Second Day, Review the Troops in Jiazhou

八 月 二 十 二 日 嘉 州 大 阅
陌 上 弓 刀 拥 寓 公
水 边 旌 旌 卷 秋 风。
书 生 又 试 戎 衣 窄
山 郡 新 添 画 角 雄。
早 事 枢 庭 虚 画 策
晚 游 暮 府 愧 无 功。
草 间 鼠 辈 何 劳 磔
要 挽 天 河 洗 洛 嵩。
Ba Yue Er Shi Er Ri Jia Zhou Da Yue

Mo shang gong dao yong yu gong
Shui bian jing jing juan qiu feng.
Shu sheng you shi rong yi zhai
Shan jun xin tian hua jiao xiong.

Zao shi shu ting xu hua ce
Wan you mu fu kui wu gong.
Cao jian shu bei he lao zhe
Yao wan tian he xi luo song.


Eighth Lunar Month, Twenty-Second Day, Review the Troops in Jiazhou

On the fields, this interim official watches the knives and bows parade
Riverside ancient banners and streamers scrolled in the autumn winds.
Intellectuals like me only attempt to try on the slim army clothes
Mountain prefecture city, freshly painted powerful animals in every building corner.

Earlier I sent my military proposals and plans to the power structure, but this was futile
After ten years ashamed of obtaining no success.
How come so many insurgent rats roam openly throughout the countryside to feed upon it’s host
It is essential for Heaven to pull down its river to wash out and cleanse our country from Luoyang to Mt. Song.



Jiazhou: Near Qingdao, Shandong Province

Luoyang:  Ancient eastern capital city

Mt. Song:  Located in Henan Province on the southern banks of the Yellow River. One of the Five Great Mountains of China

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