Lu Yu: See a Map Painting of the Capital City Chang’an

See a Map Painting of the Capital City Chang’an

观 长 安 城 图
许 国 虽 坚 鬓 已 斑
山 南 经 岁 望 南 山。
横 戈 上 马 嗟 心 在
穿 堑 环 城 笑 虜 孱。
日 暮 风 烟 传 陇 上
秋 高 刁 斗 落 云 间。
三 秦 父 老 应 惆 怅
不 见 王 师 出 散 关。
Guan Chang An Cheng Tu

Xi guo sui jian bin yi ban
Shan nan jing sui wang nan shan.
Heng ge shang ma jie xin zai
Chuan qian huan cheng xiao lu chan.

Ri mu feng yan chuan long shang
Qiu gao diao dou luo yun jian.
San qin fu lao ying chou chang
Bu jian wang shi chu san guan.


See a Map Painting of the Capital City Chang’an

Although my desire to serve my country is strong, my temple hair is already spotted
Gaze into the distance, the Southern Mountains now seen from this side.
Lament my heart-mind not able to take my horse and battleaxe from east to west
Smile as the depleted enemy forces cannot penetrate the moat that surrounds the city walls.

From afar, may the beacon fires burn thin in the winds and mists
Listen to the diaodou sounds flowing high like the autumn clouds.
The three lands of Qin have old men full of melancholy
Do not see the Song and Jin northern border as secure, for the invaders scatter themselves through our mountain passes.



Southern Mountains:  Famous mountains south of the ancient capital of Chang’an.

Diaodou: Brass rice pot with a handle, used in the army during the day for transporting food, and as a gong during the night watch.

Qin:  (9th century- 207 BC) Ancient nation state west of Chu.

Jin:  (11th century-376 BC) Nation state of current southern Shanxi Province.

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