Lu Yu: Without a Title: Half Drunk

Without a Title: Half Drunk

无 题
半 醉 凌 风 过 月 旁
水 精 宫 殿 桂 花 香。                                                                                              素 娥 定 赴 瑶 池 宴
侍 女 皆 骑 白 凤 凰。
Wu Ti

Ban zui ling feng guo yue pang
Shui jing gong dian gui hua xiang.                                                                                            Su e ding fu yao chi yan
Shi nu jie qi bai feng huang.


Without a Title: Half Drunk

Half drunk, approaching winds pass by the setting moon
Exquisite lunar rivers by palace halls and flowered aromas.                              Esteem the Moon Goddess and the banquet at Jasper Lake for the Queen Mother of the West
Females servers riding around on their white male phoenixes.



Moon Goddess:  In Chinese she is known as Chang E.  Mythological figure married the archer Houyi who shot down nine of the ten original suns to make earth a livable place for humans. She is honored by the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Queen Mother of the West:  This deity can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC). Associated with Daoism and Zhuangzi, she was used as a metaphor for prosperity and eternal bliss. Also known as the “Golden Mother of the Jade”.

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