Lu Yu: Small Gardens

Small Gardens

小 园
小 园 烟 草 接 邻 家
桑 柘 阴 阴 一 径 斜。                                                                                          卧 读 陶 诗 未 终 卷
又 乘 微 雨 去 锄 瓜。
Xiao Yuan

Xiao yuan yan cao jie lin jia
Sang she yin yin yi jing xie.                                                                                                        Wo du tao shi wei zhong juan
You cheng wei yu qu chu gua.


Small Gardens

Small gardens with smoke, mists, and grasses connected to the neighboring houses
Mulberry trees and cudrania make the slanting footpath very shady.              Lying down to read Tao Yuanming poems, unable to finish a single scroll
Again more light rain calls me out to hoe my melons some more.



[Lu Yu is now back in his hometown of Shang Yinsang.]

Cudrania: Also known as the Mandarin Melon Berry tree. Native to east Asia and related to the fruit-bearing mulberry tree.

Tao Yuanming:  (365-427 AD) Famous Eastern Jin Dynasty poet.  His biographical information and poems can also be found on this website.

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