Meng Haoran: Climb the Highest Peak of Wangchu Mountain

Climb the Highest Peak of Wangchu Mountain

登 望 楚 山 最 高 顶
山 水 观 形 胜
襄 阳 美 会 稽。
最 高 唯 望 楚
曾 未 一 攀 跻。
石 壁 疑 削 成
众 山 比 全 低。
晴 明 试 登 陟
目 极 无 端 倪。
云 梦 掌 中 小
武 陵 花 处 迷。
瞑 还 归 骑 下
萝 月 映 深 溪。
Deng Wang Chu Shan Zui Gao Ding

Shan shui guan xing sheng
Xiang yang mei hui ji.
Zui gao wei wang chu
Ceng wei yi pan ji.

Shi bi yi xiao cheng
Zhong shan bi quan di.
Qing ming shi deng zhi
Mu ji wu duan ni.

Yun meng zhang zhong xiao
Wu ling hua chu mi.
Ming huan gui qi xia
Luo yue ying shen xi.


Climb the Highest Peak of Wangchu Mountain

Look at the beautiful mountain and river scenery
Xiangyang is prettier than Hui Ji.
Only the Wangchu Mountain is the tallest
Until today I have never been to the summit.

Stone cliffs hard to believe they have been cut so clean
Compared to Wangchu, many other mountains are very low.
Clear sunny day, every step gains a new height
View from on top without a boundary or horizon.

Yun Meng Lake so small, as if it could fit in the palm of my hand
Wuling flowers appear to be in the distance.
Getting dark, return on horseback down below
Moonlit vines reflect downward onto the small stream.



Wangchu mountain: Located in the province of Zhejiang.

Xiangyang:  A city in northwest Hubei. The Han river runs through it, near the hometown area of Meng Haoran.

Hui Ji: A district of Zhengzhou city, provincial capital of Henan Province.

Yun Meng Lake: Yun Meng is a county in eastern Hubei. During the Zhou Dynasty, kings used this area as a hunting ground.

Wuling:  An area in south central Hunan known for its stone pillars and peaks, ravines and gorges, caves, lakes and waterfalls.

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