Meng Haoran: In Autumn Climb Mt. Wan, Send This Letter to Zhang the Fifth

In Autumn Climb Mt. Wan, Send This Letter to Zhang the Fifth

北 山 白 云 里
隐 者 自 怡 悦。
相 望 试 登 高
心 飞 逐 鸟 灭。
愁 因 薄 暮 起
兴 是 清 境 发。
时 见 归 村 人
沙 行 渡 头 歇。
天 边 树 若 荞
江 畔 洲 如 月。
可 当 载 酒 来
共 醉 重 阳 节。
Qiu Deng Wan Shan Ji Zhang Wu

Bei shan ri yun li
Yin zhe zi yi yue.
Xiang wang shi deng gao
Xin fei zhu niao mie.

Chou yin bao mu qi
Xing shi qing jing fa.
Shi jian gui dui ren
Sha xing du tou xie.

Tian bian shu ruo qiao
Jiang pan zhou ru yue.
Ke dang zai jiu lai
Gong zui chong yang jie.


In Autumn Climb Wan Mountain, Send This Letter to Zhang the Fifth

Northern mountains inside the white clouds
Rural seclusion people naturally happy in this place.
I climb high into the mountains, try to gaze into the distance
Heart-mind fly up, pursue birds that are out of sight.

Cool dusk arises, along with the melancholy
This encourages me to ascend further to discover a quiet place.
Time of day when the village people have returned back home
Very few boats at the sandy ferry crossing.

Trees on the horizon barely seen
Sandbars and riverbanks look like the moon.
Can be appropriate for you to arrive carrying wine
Together let us get drunk during the Double-Ninth holiday.



Double-Ninth holiday:  The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is also known as the Mid-Autumn festival.

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