Meng Haoran: Visit Buddhist Temple Monks

Visit Buddhist Temple Monks

过 融 上 人 兰 若
山 头 禅 室 挂 僧 衣
窗 外 无 人 溪 鸟 飞。
黄 昏 半 在 下 山 路
却 听 泉 声 恋 翠 微。


Guo Rong Shang Ren Lan Re

Shan tou chan shi gua seng yi
Chuang wai wu ren xi niao fei.                                                                                      Huang hun ban zai xia shan lu
Que ting quan sheng lian cui wei.


Visit Buddhist Temple Monks

Mountaintop meditation room, monk clothes hung up
No people outside the window, birds flying around a small stream.

Yellow dusk moving up from the bottom of a mountain path
Those in retreat listening to springhead sounds, long for Cui Wei Temple.

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