Ouyang Xiu: Jade Tower in Spring (No. 27): Very Shady Tree Colors

Jade Tower in Spring (No. 27): Very Shady Tree Colors

玉 楼 春
阴 阴 树 色 笼 晴 昼
清 淡 园 林 春 过 后。
杏 腮 轻 粉 日 催 红
池 面 绿 罗 风 卷 皱。
佳 人 向 晚 新 妆 就。
圆 腻 歌 喉 珠 欲 溜。
当 筵 莫 放 酒 杯 迟
乐 事 良 辰 难 入 手。
Yu Lou Chun


Yin yin shu se long qing zhou
Qing dan yuan lin chun guo hou.
Xing sai qing fen ri cui hong
Chi mian lu luo feng juan zhou.

Jia ren xiang wan xin zhuang jiu.
Yuan ni ge hou zhu yu liu.
Dang yan mo fang jiu bei chi
Yue shi liang chen nan ru shou.


Jade Tower in Spring: (No. 27): Very Shady Colors


Very shady tree colors enclose sunny daylight
Later on the spring gardens clear and cool.
Soft powdered apricot petals, pink inside their calyxes
Pond surface like green silk gauze, wrinkled and scrolled by the wind.

Towards evening, beautiful ladies put on new make-up.
Oily sunset, voiced songs slide around one note.
Wonderful banquet, no one slow to let themselves go with cups of wine
Happy events with good people difficult to hold onto.

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