Ouyang Xiu: Seductive and Attractive: (Jade Tower in Spring)

Seductive and Attractive: (Jade Tower in Spring)

艳 冶: 玉 楼 春
艳 冶 风 情 天 与 措。
清 瘦 肌 肤 冰 雪 妒。
百 年 心 事 一 宵 同
愁 听 鸡 声 窗 外 度。
信 阻 青 禽 云 雨 暮。
海 月 空 惊 人 两 处。
强 将 离 恨 倚 江 楼
江 水 不 能 流 恨 去。
Yan Ye: (Yu Lou Chun)

Yan ye feng qing tian yu cuo.
Qing shou ji fu bing xue du
Bai nian xin shi yi xiao tong
Chou ting ji sheng chuang wai duo.

Xin zu qing qin yun yu mu.
Hai yue kong jing ren liang chu.
Qiang jiang li hen yi jiang lou
Jiang shui bu neng liu hen qu.


Seductive and Attractive: (Jade Tower in Spring)

Fresh and attractive, seductively dressed, she has the airs of heaven
Envious of her clear skin that is like the ice and snow.
Tonight the same heart-mind as the start of 100 years of conjugal bliss
Sorrows when we hear the chicken sounds at our window.

Sunset clouds and rain obstruct the paradise birds arrival
Empty ocean moon startles the both of us in our different places.
Strongly resent our departure at this riverside tower
River water flows not able to remove our hated separation.



With Ci poems, the title comes from the poem’s first line, and the title of the music appears inside the parentheses.

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