Ouyang Xiu: Southern Songs

Southern Songs

南 歌 子
凤 髻 金 泥 带
龙 纹 玉 掌 梳。
走 来 窗 下 笑 相 扶。
弄 笔 偎 人 久
描 花 试 手 初。
等 闲 妨 了 绣 功 夫。
笑 问 双 鸳 鸯 字
怎 生 书。
Nan Ge Zi

Feng ji jin ni dai
Long wen yu zhang shu.
Zou lai chuang xia xiao xiang fu.
Ai dao hua mei shen qian
Ren shi wu.

Nong bi wei ren jiu
Miao hua shi shou chu.
Deng xian fang liao xiu gong fu.
Xiao wen shuang yuan yang zi
Zen sheng shu.


Southern Songs

Hairbun with gold-dipped phoenix ties
Dragon-patterned jade comb placed on top.
She arrives below his window, smile at each other
Following the principles of love, painted eyebrows not too dark, not too light.
Isn’t this the time for visitors.

For a long time cuddle up and play with a writing brush together
Discover each other’s skill at drawing and retouching flowers and blossoms.
Ordinarily she displays her embroidery skills
Smile as they write the characters for a mandarin duck and drake couple.
We can write many books like this.

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